You Got Company…

You see a strange grayish purple bipedal creature with clawed hands and feet, and jagged spines coming from its back. It has a maw of sharp teeth and its most distinguishing feature is the single large eye that gleams with a weird intelligence and malevolent cunning. The eye is green in colour.

If you are in the process of examining the wooden chest at the bottom of the crevasse, a voice in your mind startles you as it screams for you to back away.

Consider what you might wish to do in this situation, then click on the spoiler box for possibilities.

Possible actions and outcomes

1. Attack this weird creature

Go to 3(c). below. If it fails to do whatever is outlined in that section, it fights back to the best of its ability.

In this case, go to page 60 of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure booklet for the creature’s stats. it is the very first creature on the page.

2. Try and determine what this creature is

The quickest way to do this is to see if your character knows anything about this creature.

Make an Intelligence (Arcana) check to see if you know anything at all.

A result of 15 lets you know what the creature is and that it is an aberration. Turn to page 60 of the adventure booklet to know more about it (the first creature entry on that page), but avoid reading the information other than the creature name and the generic information (the paragraph just above the picture of the ogre) about the creature.

A result of 20 or higher reveals its powers and capabilities. To know what these are, turn to page 60 in the adventure booklet and choose one action in the creature’s stat block (except the first two entries describing physical attacks) and read it. For every 5 points above 20, you learn another bit of information.

3. Speak to the creature

The creature reaches out to you using telepathy and his ‘speech’ consist of little more than mad cackles, whispers and gibberish. The fact that the voices are inside your head makes it extremely disturbing and you wonder if you will go insane from the continued exposure to this creature’s telepathic ability.

Between its nonsensical ramblings, it also demands that you bring it food.

a). Ask if it knows anything about the Redbrands occupying this level

The creature refuses to answer you, before noting how hungry it is.

b). Bargain with the creature

If you wish to offer the creature something in exchange for information, the creature demands that you bring it food. Fresh meat will do.

c). Refuse the creature’s demand for food

If you refuse to give into its demands or otherwise antagonise it, make a DC (1d20 + 4) Charisma (Deception) check.

If you fail, this creature knows one secret about you. As a starting point, this could be a flaw that your character possesses such as a secret that could ruin the character if the secret got out.

Alternatively, if you have been disguised as a Redbrand at this point, the creature points out that it is well within its right to do as he pleases with the information – such as tell the Redbrands that ‘someone’ has infiltrated their ranks.

In short, think of something that could potentially be ruinous to your character.

If you attack the creature at this point, the creature tries to get away and expose your secret.

If somehow cornered, the creature attacks you with all the options available to it.

Go to page 60 of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure booklet for the creature’s stats. It is the first creature on the page.

d). Bring the creature some fresh meat

You can bring the creature some food in the form of fresh meat. It accepts nothing else as a substitute.

If you did this in order to learn what it knows, you can ask it any question regarding the Redbrands. Possible questions you can ask and relevant answers can be found here (this creature knows everything everything that the Redbrands know, so it’s okay to use the questions and answers on this page).

If, on the other hand, you did this to placate the creature and avoid the situation where he uses your secret for its own ends, he accepts your gift and leaves you alone.

However, it brooks no attempt to take anything out of the wooden chest. If you do, it will run off in order to expose your secret to appropriate audiences (or learn your secret, if it hasn’t already – see c) above).

e). Open and take whatever is in the chest

If you ignore the creature and try to take whatever is in the chest, it tries to learn some damaging secret about you (see c). above). Failing that, it attacks you for stealing ‘its’ treasure.

Go to page 60 of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure booklet for the creature’s stats. It is the first creature on the page

Should you engage in combat with the creature and emerge victorious, you are free to open the wooden chest.

To know what you find, go to page 23 of the adventure booklet and read the ‘Treasure’ section (literally the last paragraph on the page) to see what you get.

Holding the item in your hand is enough for you to know that it is an extraordinary item. At the very least, it’s obviously much finer in quality than other items of its type.

Enjoy :).