You CAN Play Dungeons and Dragons Solo… No, Really.

Hello and welcome to my website. I am Ken and I will show you how to play Dungeons and Dragons by yourself.

I imagine you are here because you want to know whether or not it’s even possible to play Dungeons and Dragons solo.

Ask around in popular D&D forums such as Enworld, RPG Stack Exchange or Giants in the Playground, and the answers to that question might go along the lines of something like:

  1. It can’t be done.
  2. D&D is a social game.
  3. It’s pointless playing on your own.
  4. Why don’t you play a computer RPG instead?

If you’ve ever been told any of these things, then look no further.

I created this website in order to help you get started playing D&D solo and offer practical tips on how it can be done.

I also aim to include some solo adventures that you can play through on your own.

With the release of the new Dungeons & Dragons 5e, most of the content will be based on that and how it can be adapted for solo play, as well as some general content such as reviews, rules discussions, etc.

Those of you who prefer Dungoons & Dragons 3.5e shouldn’t feel left out either as some of the content and adventures will be written for D&D 3.5e.

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A Lone Crusader


Some of you who are reading this now are probably thinking I have a few screws loose.

Why would you even attempt to play a game that is meant to be played as a group?

Well, there are some valid reasons:

  1. No one shares your enthusiasm in D&D (I’ve been there).
  2. You live in an area where Dungeons and Dragons is not popular (ditto).
  3. Real life commitments such as work, making it hard to find/meet up regularly with a group (and again).
  4. You have other hobbies and pursuits that you enjoy with other people (but still want to play D&D).
  5. You have some wacky ideas in your head that you really want to try, but might be seen as weird by other people.
  6. You simply aren’t enjoying the kind of game your group is playing.
  7. You are introverted and simply aren’t a ‘people person’. You like spending time alone.

If you can relate to any of these, then know you aren’t alone:

Very helpful! Where I live, DnD is no man’s land and internet play is too impersonal. Plus I have a better imagination than most, I think, and I am a loner. So tired of people saying this can’t be done. D&D is all about adjusting the rules to maximize fun so why the blazes not? Great advice that is much appreciated. Thank you!


I love DnD, but I’m too shy to play with other people. Plus my friends don’t share my love for it, so this is helpful. Thanks.

These were in response to an article I wrote for another website called ‘How to Play Dungeons and Dragons By Yourself’.

Like they suggest, there is no right or wrong way to play D&D.

Just as there are groups who apparently do nothing but spend hours roleplaying without so much as lifting a die, while others lean far too much in the other direction and run around hacking apart everything that moves, there are those who prefer to play the game alone – or are at least curious about it.

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Even as a solo gamer.



About Me

Growing up during the late 80s, I’ve always been fascinated with Dungeons and Dragons ever since I discovered the basic version of D&D while browsing the library.

It was not an interest shared by my closest friends and family.

I began playing D&D via computer games such as Baldur’s Gate II and Neverwinter Nights, but I soon got bored of playing Baldur’s Gate/Neverwinter Nights for the millionth time.

I got back to dabbling in what I was truly interested in before I started playing those computer games – pen and paper D&D.

I found there was a level of customisation in tabletop D&D that is not found in video games.

Having a job with long hours and regular overtime meant that I didn’t have time to join a group and so I experimented playing the game solo in what little time I had to spare.

I have found that solo D&D can be done, but it can take a lot of experimentation to learn how to do it properly, especially when you will have access to DM information.

Having done this since 2010, I am in a good position to help you skip that experimentation and learning stage, so you can begin playing D&D solo very quickly.

And so The Lone Crusader was born, set up in order to address the concept of playing Dungeons and Dragons alone, something I still do to this day and have created memorable campaigns that are enough to fill a novel.

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