The Goblin Disappears Into The Southern Exit…

The goblin flies through the Southern exit, using the disengage action if he has to. With the noise in the cavern, you cannot hear what happens next.

When it is your turn, decide what you are going to do in response to this:

How will you respond to this?

1. Ignore that goblin and continue fighting

Rather than entertain the possibility of biting off more than you can chew, you decide to get rid of the ones in front of you first.

After a couple of rounds, the same goblin reappears and resumes combat.

Close this tab and return to Area 7 in the Play It Solo article.

2. Follow him through the opening

Worried that the goblin might warn other enemies inside that entrance, you give chase.

  1. If you delay until the end of the goblin’s next turn before you follow him, click here.
  2. If you follow the goblin in straight away, click here.