Play It Solo: Lost Mine of Phandelver – Tresendar Manor

This is part 3 of  Play It Solo for the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set 5th Edition adventure, Lost Mine of Phandelver.

This chapter will focus on the exploration of Tresendar Manor, a dilapidated mansion in the town of Phandalin.

It will be assumed that you have already played the first chapter of this adventure and progressed to part 2. If you have not, click here for Part 1.

If you’re not familiar with how Play It Solo works or if you want to refresh your memory, click here.

Chapter 2: Phandalin

Tresendar Manor

The dungeon under Tresendar Manor is well-built and consist of mostly of dressed masonry walls and flagstone floors.

  1. Ceilings. Passages and chambers are generally 10 feet high.
  2. Doors. All the doors on this level are wooden with iron handles, locks and hinges. Unless noted otherwise, all doors are unlocked.
  3. Light. Lighting is maintained hourly in the dungeon and most areas are therefore well lit.

Unless you have been given directions or were led to a different part of the dungeon, you begin your exploration of this dungeon in Area 1.

You’ll find each section below has an area description and a list of possible actions and outcomes hidden in spoiler boxes, so as not to give anything away before you are ready to explore the area.

Each area will lead to other areas in the dungeon as indicated below the spoiler boxes.

Once you enter an area, open the area description spoiler box and read the text, before deciding what you will do in response to what you see, then open the ‘Possible actions and outcomes’ spoiler box.

Area 1

Area 1 description



“The door opens onto a five-foot-wide landing fifteen feet above a large cellar, with stone steps descending to the floor in two short flights. Another door stands beneath the stairs to the north. A large stone cistern occupies the western part of the room, whose walls are lined with kegs and barrels.”

Possible actions and outcomes

1. Examine the kegs and barrels

They contain mostly foodstuffs, ranging from salted meats and apples to ale and salt.

If you open one or two barrels only, nothing happens.

If you are more thorough in your search and you open most or all of the barrels, click here.

2. Examine the cistern

The water in the cistern is exceptionally clean and fresh and you can see it is roughly 10 feet deep.

The rim of the cistern is 2 feet higher than the surrounding floor and drain pipes leading from somewhere above fill the cistern with water.

If you had the presence of mind to poke around with a pole (or go for a little swim), you discover a little surprise…

Click here to see what you find.

Alternatively, you can also discover this surprise by thoroughly examining the cistern. In this case, make a DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check.

3. Examine the southwest corner of the room

if you search the walls specifically for secret doors, make a DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check.

If you succeed, click here.

You will also succeed if your passive Perception score is 15 or higher and you are currently standing within 10 feet from the southwest corner.

Actions in hindsight: increase the DC to 15. Passive Perception checks automatically fail.


Once you are done here, there are two doors. One to the north beneath the stairs and the other to the west.

  • If you take the door to the west, go to Area 2.
  • If you take the door to the north, go to Area 3.

Alternatively, you may leave this dungeon via the east exit.

Area 2

Area 2 description


This appears to be a storeroom pressed into service as living quarters. Two double bunks stand against the wall near the door, while barrels and crates fill the southern half of the chamber.

Three Redbrand ruffians are resting in this room.

If you open the door to this room quietly and slowly, you are allowed a Dexterity (Stealth) check to see if they notice your approach. This is opposed by their Wisdom (Perception) checks (roll once for all of them).

Otherwise, they attack you on sight.

Remember to award yourself the relevant XP if you defeat them.

Stats and XP information for the Redbrand ruffians can be found on page 61 of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure booklet..

If you have defeated these ruffians already in Area 1, ignore this encounter.

If you defeat the Redbrands, decide what you will do next before clicking the spoiler box below.

Possible actions and outcomes

1. Search the ruffians you have defeated

In total, you find 12gp, 15ep 28sp and two garnets worth 10gp each.

2. Search the crates and barrels

Like the crates and barrels in Area 1, these containers contain nothing but food.

3. Search the bunks

Three dirty scarlet cloaks can be found hanging from the bunks.

4. Interrogate any ruffians you have captured

Instead of killing them, you may have opted to spare the life of some or all of the ruffians you have defeated in the hopes you can get some information out of them.

If so, consider what questions you might ask the Redbrands and choose the approach you are most likely to use from the list below, then click here.

a). Charm any Redbrand you have captured

This is a good way to get some useful information from the Redbrands. A Redbrand under the influence of a charm spell will cooperate fully.

b). Persuade (or threaten) them to reveal what they know.

Make a DC 10 Charisma (Intimidation) check or a DC 15 Charisma (Persuastion) check, depending on your approach.

c). Find a suitable prison for the ruffians you have defeated.

Going back to town and asking around, you learn that there is a small jail in the ‘Townmaster’s Hall’, so scroll down to the relevant section in this article.


Area 3

Area 3 description


Thick dust covers the flagstones of this somber hallway. The walls are decorated with faux columns every ten feet, and the double doors at the west end of the hall are sheathed in copper plate, now green with age. A relief carving of a mournful angel graces the doors.

Possible actions and outcomes

1. Examine or open the double doors to the west

If your character(s) weighs less than 100lb, nothing happens. You simply reach the other end of the corridor.

If you weigh more than 100lb, a trap between the second and westernmost columns is triggered.

The first character in the marching order must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw.

  • Success: You manage to catch the edge of the pit before hauling yourself back up to safety.
  • Failure: You drop 20 feet and take 2d6 falling damage.

If you fail your check and you are playing with only one character, it may be difficult for you to get out of the predicament you now find yourself in.

It is practically impossible for most characters to climb all the way back up (DC 25 Strength (Athletics) check).

The only other option is to wait for a group of Redbrands to come and find you. If this happens, you will be stripped of all your belongings and thrown into the prison in Area 5 where you will be questioned and beaten as necessary.

However, if you happen to have a grappling hook and some rope, things become a lot easier…

In this case, assume you climb back up without too much trouble.

2. Search the floor for traps

If you do this, make a DC 15 Wisdom (Perception) check for each character making the attempt.

  • Success: As well as noticing the pit trap, you also see that it is surrounded by narrow ledges that can be used to bypass the pit – as long as your balance is good enough.
  • Failure: You notice nothing out of the ordinary. The floors look normal to you.

3. Disarm the trap

While it is not possible to ‘disarm’ the trap, there are several ways to circumvent the trap if you have noticed it (or triggered it).

Consider how you might deal with this trap before clicking here for possible solutions to the problem.


Once you are done here, you may:

  • Head back the way you came to Area 1.
  • Continue to Area 4.

Area 4

Area 4 description


Three large stone sarcophagi stand within this dusty crypt, and propped up against each sarcophagus is a human skeleton clad in bits of rusty mail. False columns along the walls are carved in the image of spreading oak trees. The double doors in the southeast corner are sheathed in tarnished copper plate.

Possible actions and outcomes

A potential combat encounter occurs here.

A quick glance under the shaded box under the section ‘4. Tresendar Crypts’ on the top left corner of page 22 will tell you what you are going up against.

If you are not wearing a Redbrand cloak or if you do not know that speaking the password ‘Illefarn‘ will bypass this encounter without the need to fight, combat will be unavoidable (unless you flee, of course).

After (avoiding) combat, proceed with whatever action you have decided to perform.

1. Examine or open the sarcophagi

The stone lid of each sarcophagi is carved in the likeness of a man or woman of noble bearing.

Among the bones and rotten clothing, you will find a platinum signet ring worth 50gp in each sarcophagus, should you decide to open them.


Once you are finished here, decide where you will go next:

  • Southeast door to Area 3.
  • Northeast door to Area 5.
  • Northwest door to Area 6.

Area 5

Area 5 description


This long room is partitioned into three areas, with iron bars walling off the north and south. Filthy straw lines the floors of those cells, the hinged doors of which are secured by chains and padlocks. A pair of disheveled human women are held in the cell to the south, while a human boy is confined to the north. All are dressed in plain gray tunics and have iron collars fitted around their necks.

A heap of discarded clothing is piled carelessly against the far wall.

Possible actions and outcomes

If you were engaged in combat in Area 5, the pair of Redbrand ruffians here take up a position either side of the door to attack the first person that steps through.

Naturally, this will involve the ruffians making Dexterity (Stealth) checks contested by your Wisdom (Perception) checks or passive Perception scores, depending on how alert you are.

If you did not fight in Area 5, then they will not expect you. You could even surprise them instead if you are quiet when opening the door.

Once combat is over, you may speak to the prisoners. Decide what you want to ask them and click on the spoiler box labelled ‘conversations’ below.

Other than that, simply continue with the course of action you decided upon earlier.

1. Free the prisoners

There are several ways to do this (numbers 2-4 below), but regardless of the method you use, you need to decide what to do with the prisoners once they are freed.

Once you have decided, go to number 5 and 6 on this list for possible options.

2. Open the door to the cell in order to release the prisoners

If you wish to rescue the prisoners and have the relevant key, it will be a simple matter to open the door and free them.

3. Pick the cell doors open

If you are proficient with thieves’ tools, assume you open the door without much trouble.

4. Force the door open with a crowbar

If the above options are out of question for you, the only other way to open the door is to force it open and this requires a crowbar.

You also require at least a Strength score of 14.

Assume that you manage to force the door open after 20 or so attempts.

5. Let the prisoners escape on their own

If the path is clear, they should be able to find their way back with a few directions from you.

However, there’s a small chance they will run into ruffians on their way out.

Roll 1d20.

On a result of 17 or higher, they run into some Redbrands and are killed on the spot.

6. Escort them back to town

As number 5, but with your protection, they have a far better chance of survival should you run into more ruffians.

If you do, roll 1d3+1 to determine the number of ruffians you meet.

If the prisoners become involved in the battle somehow, use the commoner stats to represent them, though they will not do any actual fighting.

Should the prisoners make it back out alive, award yourself 100xp (divided among your characters if you are playing more than one character).

Also, Mirna has something that may be of interest to you: turn to page 22 of the adventure booklet and read Side Quest: Mirna’s Heirloom, halfway down the right column of the page.


1. Who are you?

The oldest prisoner introduces herself as Mirna. Her two teenage children, Nars and Nilsa, are also imprisoned with her.

2. Why were you captured?

Because her husband, Thel, stood up to them. He was murdered a few days ago and the thugs abducted Mirna and her children on the same night, planning to sell them into slavery.

3. Ask about her husband

Mirna finds it difficult to talk about him without bursting into tears, but she does give you a description if you ask for it, especially if it seems like you intend to find his body which is currently unaccounted for.

4. What do you know about the Redbrands/the dungeon?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much Mirna can tell you as she has been stuck in this prison during her stay here.

However, one piece of information she can share is that their boss is a wizard and he employs several ‘big hairy monsters with large ears’.

If you are a prisoner here...

You are stripped of your equipment and thrown into one of the cells.

This scenario is beyond the scope of what I am doing, so if you would like to flesh the adventure from this point, it may be worth checking out the Mythic Game Master Emulator.


Once you’ve done what you needed to do here, return to Area 4.

Area 6

The short passageway connecting Area 5 to Area 6 is 5 feet wide and 15 feet long. The door to Area 6 is on the east wall, at the other end of the corridor from Area 5.

The door to this room is locked. There are several ways to open it.

Opening the door

1. Pick the lock

The thieves’ tools DC is 10.

2. Force the door open

Make a DC 20 Strength check. Success means you force the door open.

3. Use a key

If you have the key for this door, you may use it to unlock and open the door.


Once you’ve opened the door, feel free to open and read the area description for this area.

Area 6 description


Racks of weapons line the walls of this chamber, including spears, swords, crossbows, and bolts. A dozen dirty red cloaks hang from hooks by the door.

Possible actions and outcomes

1. Search for secret doors

There are no secret doors in the room itself. However, if you specifically search the passageway outside the room, just opposite the entrance to Area 6, you can find the secret door with a successful DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check.

If you do not actively search for the door, you may still notice the presence of the secret door if your passive Perception score is 15 or higher.

Actions in Hindsight: Increase the DC by 5. Passive Perception checks automatically fail.

2. Take the weapons

The weapon racks hold 12 spears, 6 shortswords, 4 longswords, 6 light crossbows and 8 quivers holding 20 bolts each.


Area 7

Area 7 description


This area is the north end of a large natural cavern, but it has been finished with dressed stone block walls and a flagstone floor. Several barrels are stored against the walls here, along with a number of empty crates straw for packing, hammers, pry bars and nails.

The cavern continues for some distance to the south. You can make out several passages that open up off the larger cavern, and what looks like a deep pit or crevasse in the floor.

Possible actions and outcomes

1. Search the crates and barrels

Nothing of value are contained here except thirty beaver pelts.

If you attempt to sell the pelts, they will be worth 2gp each.

2. Search the southwest corner of the room for secret doors

Provided you succeed on a DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check (or you have a passive Perception score of 15), you find a secret door that opens to reveal a flight of stairs that goes down and stops at a dead end.

The staircase turns left right at the very bottom.

Click here for the map of this area.

3. Search the northeast corner of the room for secret doors

Provided you succeed on a DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check, you discover a secret door that leads to the small corridor joining Area 5 and Area 6 together.

Failing that, if you are within 10 feet of that corner of the room, a passive Perception score of 15 is enough to detect it.

4. Search the bottom of the staircase

Following on from number 3 above, you may wish to examine the area near the bottom of the stairs.

Make a DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check if you are explicitly searching for a secret door.

Success means you find a secret door leading to Area 12.

If you are searching generally, a passive Perception score of 15 or higher will reveal the door, provided you move to within 10 feet from the bottom of the stairs.


Once you are done here, you may go back to Area 8.

Area 8

Area 8 description



A cold breeze fills this large natural cavern, carrying with it the faint scent of decaying flesh. A crevasse divides the cavern and is flanked by two rough stone columns that support the twenty-foot-high ceiling. Two arched wooden bridges span the chasm.

Possible actions and outcomes

Before you do anything, make a DC (1d20 + 5) Wisdom (Perception) check.

If you succeed, click here.

1. Cross the bridge to get to the other side

If you cross the southern bridge, the bridge collapses and you take 2d6 bludgeoning damage.

The only way to avoid this is if your character weighs 50lbs or less.

If you survive, go to number 4 below.

2. Examine the southern bridge

If you examine the southern bridge before you cross it, make a DC 15 Intelligence (Investigation) check. Success allows you to discern that the construction is faulty and you would be foolish to cross it as it is.

If you fail the check, you notice nothing out of the ordinary.

Actions in Hindsight: Increase the DC to 20.

3. Examine the crevasse

The fissure is roughly 5-10 feet wide and 20 feet deep. You notice that it is not terribly difficult to climb down (or up, if you somehow ended up at the bottom), so no ability checks are necessary to do this – unless you are physically impaired somehow.

4. Climb down to the bottom of the crevasse

You now notice a couple of things that were not visible from the edge of the crevasse.

Firstly, a corpse that is half-eaten lie among the pile of well-gnawed bones. If you have spoken to Mirna, this body matches the description that she gave you of her husband.

If you [return the body to her], she will have nothing to give you, but expresses her heartfelt thanks. Award yourself 100xp for this kind act.

The second thing you notice is a battered wooden chest.

If you wish to examine the chest, click here.

5. Cast detect magic

The crevasse emanates an aura of necromacy.


Once you’ve finished here, you can:

  • Head north to Area 7.
  • Take the northwest passage which leads to Area 9 or Area 10.
  • Take the southwest passage which leads to Area 10 or Area 11.
  • Exit the area through the southern passage. This leads outside to a forest close to town.
  • Take the southeast passage which leads to a dead end. To explore this area, see ‘Odds and Ends’ below.

Area 9

Area 9 description


This Barracks contains four roughly built wooden bunks, with heaped-up blankets and dirty dishes scattered about. A strong smell of unwashed bodies and rotten meat fills the air. Three tall, furry humanoids are lounging among the mess, barking orders at a sad little goblin that demeans itself for their amusement.

Possible actions and outcomes

1. Attack the creatures

A fight here is pretty much inevitable since they will notice you the moment you step through the door.

To know what you are facing, turn to page 24 and read the first paragraph under the shaded box, under the section ‘9. Guard Barracks’.

2. Sneak into the room

Alternatively, you could attempt to get the drop on the three tall, furry creatures. Make a Dexterity (Stealth) check contested by three opposed rolls of 1d20 and one roll of 1d20 – 1.

If your result is higher than all four rolls, you manage to sneak into the room without anyone noticing you.

If you attack, you gain surprise.

3. Pass yourself off as a member of the Redbrands

This is successful only if you are wearing a Redbrand cloak or give a very good reason and a DC 20 Charisma (Deception) check.

If you are wearing a cloak, the humanoids tell you to get out and go back to ‘your part of the hideout’.

4. Tell them that “traitors” or “imposters” are lurking within the hideout

If you are disguised as a Redbrand, you can try to fake an alarm that the hideout is being invaded. For this to happen, you need to come up with a convincing reason for them to trust you.

Failing that, you can make a DC 15 Charisma (Deception) check instead.

If you fail in either of these things, they do not trust you and may even suspect that something fishy is going on. Failing the check by 5 or more means that they see through your disguise and attack.

5. Interrogate any defeated enemies

If you capture rather than kill your enemies, you can try and get some information from them.

They are not cooperative, though. Unlike normal goblins, they are harder to intimidate.

However, a charm spell can be useful in this situation or failing that, a DC 15 Charisma (Intimidation) check will be enough to get them to talk. A Charisma (Persuasion) check will not be sufficient.

If you ask for directions to [Cragmaw Castle], they will provide it to you (simply click on the link you revealed in the brackets).

6. Interrogate the goblin

This goblin is not a threat to the party. That much is obvious, as is his cowardly nature.

The goblin calls himself Droop.

Possible questions and answers are listed below. Think about what you might ask them before highlighting the information below

a). Do you know anything about this hideout?

If you ask him about the layout of the Redbrand hideout, he can reveal what he knows about the dungeon.

There is a secret door on the southwest wall of Area 1 that leads through a passageway and emerges into Area 8 via the southeast tunnel.

He thinks there is a secret door in Area 7, one that leads to Area 5 and Area 6.

He’s pretty sure that there is a trap in Area 3 and says the northern bridge in Area 8 is trapped and should be avoided.

A Wisdom (Insight) check reveals no treachery. He seems genuine in his attempts to help you.

b). Do you know the way to Crawgmaw Castle?

The goblin cannot remember, only that it is North somewhere.

That said, he suggests capturing a goblin or hobgoblin patrol and learning the information from them.

7. Allow Droop to tag along.

If you defeat the three guards, Droop tries to tag along.

Whether or not you want him following you is up to you.

If you decide to let him follow you, remember that he will not risk his life for you or be involved in combat. If forced into the latter, he makes his attacks with disadvantage.

He will stay in the background most of the time and let you do all the heavy lifting.

That said, he can be useful in some form of support during battles, such as administering first aid. He’s not particularly effective at it, though, and makes his Wisdom checks with disadvantage.

If he contributes significantly to your success in combat, he will be awarded an equal share of the XP.

If you have more than one character, Droop will naturally gravitate towards the most charismatic or attractive member of the party, and scorn or even annoy the least charismatic or attractive member of the group.

8. Search the defeated guards

Turn to page 24 and read the ‘Treasure’ section, halfway down the right column.


Once you are finished here, you may:

  • Head east to Area 8.
  • Head north to Area 10.

Area 10

Area 10 description


Several won tables and chairs are scattered around this large room. Wooden benches are drawn up against  walls decorated with draperies of brown and red, and several ale kegs are propped up and tapped.

Four tough-looking human warriors wearing scarlet cloaks are gathered around one of the tables. A stack of coins and trinkets is heaped upon the tabletop between them.

Possible actions and outcomes

1. Attack the warriors

This is an option and fortunately for you, the Redbrand ruffians in this room are drunk, which means they begin combat with the ‘poisoned’ condition.

You also gain surprise.

2. Before entering, you listen through the door…

On a successful DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check, you can hear the guards inside are currently playing knucklebones. There is a lot of shouting going on as wagers are placed.

3. Pass yourself as one of them

If you have been disguising yourself as a Redbrand all this time, you will find that this is probably a rare instance where kick-the-door-down style of play would have been one of the better options.

The Redbrands do not believe you are one of them – they have seen every member of their gang – and consequently attack. If you engage them, go to number 1 for additional details of the encounter.

4. Keep up the deception

If you specifically say you are a ‘new recruit’, they pause for a bit.

If you manage to come up with an excellent reason why you were recruited, you may consider yourself automatically successful.

If you are not sure, make a DC 15 Charisma (Deception) check to convince them.

If you say you are [a new recruit and you offer to join their game], the DC is 10.

5. Search the bodies of the ruffians you defeat

If a fight breaks out here and you win, you may relieve them of their valuables which consist of 75cp, 55sp, 22ep, 15gp and a gold earring set with a tiny ruby, worth 30gp.

There is nothing in the crates or barrels.


Once you are finished here, you may:

  • Return to Area 8.
  • Head south to Area 9.
  • Head north to Area 11.

Area 11

Area 11 description


This room appears to be a wizard’s workshop. A rat scurries across the floor and takes refuge under a large worktable set up with alembics, retorts, distillation coils, and other alchemical devices, all of it stewing and bubbling away. Bookshelves are crowded with sheaves of parchment and strange-looking tomes.

Possible actions and outcomes

1. Examine the books and notes

Scattered around the room are basic texts on alchemy.

2. Examine the books and notes as a character proficient in the Arcana skill

The apparatus is set up to brew invisibility potions. The bench is full of the remains of many failed attempts.

3. If you examine the books and you know dwarvish…

Turn to page 25 and read the paragraph titled ‘Books and Notes’ near the bottom of the left column.

4. Attack the rat

If you attack the rat, make an attack roll vs. AC 10. If you hit, you kill it. If you miss, it scurries away, never to be seen again.

5. Leave the rat alone

It follows you around as though curious or hungry.

6. Feed the rat

If you feed it, it becomes attracted to you and follows you around.

7. Search the area for valuables

The only things of value are three small bottles containing rare reagents: mercury, dragon bile and powdered nightshade. If you can locate an alchemist or apothecary, you could sell them for 25gp each.


Area 12

Area 12 description



The walls of this bedchamber are covered with drapes of scarlet cloth. The furnishings include a small writing desk with matching chair, a comfortable-looking bed, and a wooden chest at the foot of the bed.

Possible actions and outcomes

If you entered this room via Area 11, click here.

If not, read the extra description below and continue.

Sitting at the desk is a short, dark-bearded human male in robes, studying a tome. He wears a princely mantle of ermine. A beautiful glass staff leans against his chair, within easy reach.

If you spoke to Sildar about the missing member of the Lord’s Alliance, you find that [this man matches the description that Sildar gave you when he told you to keep an eye out for Iarno Albrek].

1. Attack the man

Resolve the battle. For information on who you are facing, turn to page 57 and refer to the second creature entry on the bottom of the left column.

He wields a Staff of Defense (page 53) and has a scroll of charm person and fireball.

He uses his staff to cast mage armour if threatened and casts shield whenever needed.

If you are playing more than one character, he tries to kill as many as he can until there is only one of you. If he manages to do this and is still holding the advantage, he will look to capture the remaining character.

Should he be successful, he throws you in the prison in Area 5.

Should you reduce him to 8 or fewer hit points and he does not have a clear path to the exit [or the secret door on the east wall that leads to Area 7], he surrenders.

2. Listen to what he has to say

This man isn’t as eager to fight as many of his ruffians, so he begins talking if you let him.

He addresses you as his ‘guests’ and regrets he cannot provide suitable entertainment for your visit.

He indulges any questions you ask him without giving away anything that should be kept secret.

While you are listening or asking him questions, he secretly attempts to cast a charm person spell on at least one of the characters. If you are playing a single character, he attempts to affect you with hold person spell instead.

This is part of a surprise round for him.

Remember, you can use an action to break out of a hold person spell with a successful save, so roll initiative as normal and resolve the actions in order. While you are doing that, he attempts to incapacitate you.

Should he succeed in knocking you out, you will be thrown in prison and interrogated as necessary (See Area 5).

If he fails to affect you with a spell (or you break out of it), combat begins. See number 1 above for additional details.

3. Express interest in joining the Redbrands

If you killed your way to this point, it might be difficult to persuade him to let you join.

If you used guile instead and come up with a good reason why he should let you join (or succeed on a DC 10 Charisma (Deception) check), he is suitably impressed by the fact you were resourceful enough to reach him before his ruffians could catch you.

There may be several reasons why you want to join the Redbrands.

You may wish to infiltrate their ranks and defeat them from within, or you may genuinely be interested in the life of an outlaw and extorting the townsfolk yourself, perhaps even taking control of the group..

This is beyond the possibilities I can provide on my own, so if you are interested in going down this path, you may wish to check out my review of the Mythic Game Master Emulator, which is ideal for fleshing out a solo campaign.

4. Search his desk

Turn to page 26 of the adventure booklet and read the first paragraph of the ‘Developments’ subsection and the letter written in the shaded box.

5. Search his room for valuable items

Once you have defeated the wizard, turn to page 26 of the booklet and read the ‘Treasure’ subsection.


Odds and Ends

After zigzagging down this passage, you reach a dead end.

Map of the area




Decide what you will do here, then click on the spoiler box below.

Possible actions and outcomes

1. Search for secret doors

If you specifically search the end of the passage, you can find the secret door to Area 1 with a successful DC 10 Wisdom (Perception) check.

If you do not actively search for the door, you may still notice the presence of the secret door if your passive Perception score is 15 or higher and you are within 10 feet from the dead end.


Once you have finished here, you may return to Area 8.

Wrapping Up

Once you complete this quest, the locals (including Harbin, even if he doesn’t want to admit it) are overjoyed and relieved to learn that the Redbrands will not be bothering them anymore (unless you or someone else has taken control of the operations there, instead).

Sildar rewards you with 200gp for ridding Phandalin of the Redbrands.

There are still some things you can do to wrap things up here and complete this quest. Consider what they might be before clicking on the spoiler box(es) below.

Possible actions and outcomes

1. Return any stolen loot to the locals in the town

In this case, this includes everything Glasstaff kept in his chest at the foot of his bed, except any magic items.

It also includes any gems and jewelry you may have found (except the platinum rings from Area 4).

If you surrender these items, award yourself 400xp.

2. Deliver the letter found in the wizard’s study to Halia

She makes good on her promise and pays you 100gp for delivering correspondence to her.

Turn to page 18 and read the very first paragraph on that page regarding the offer she speaks to you about.

If you have defeated the leader of this operation

1. Interrogate Glasstaff

Provided you have spared his life rather than killed him, you may learn what he knows and interrogate him, no checks needed.

Turn to page 26 of the adventure booklet and read the bullet points at the bottom of page 26 as well as the ‘Developments’ and ‘Awarding Experience Points’ subsections.

In addition, read the subsection ‘Joining the Lord’s Alliance’ halfway down the left column on page 19.

2. If you’ve killed Glasstaff

Other than the loss of an opportunity to gain more information and fewer experience points, the outcome is pretty much unchanged.

As long as the Redbrand’s are dealt with, you will be rewarded as above.

If the leader of the Redbrands escaped

1. Show Sildar the letter you found in the study (if you have it)

Sildar expresses his desire to have Iarno brought to justice. This would be beyond the scope of this adventure and more pressing concerns await you at present.

If you wish to expand on this yourself, check out my review of the Mythic Game Master Emulator, a system that is ideal for fleshing out your solo campaign and generating side quests whenever you need them.

In addition, read the subsection ‘Joining the Lord’s Alliance’ halfway down the left column on page 19.


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