Interrogating the Redbrands

There are only certain questions that will yield useful answers. If your question is listed anywhere here, click on the spoiler box to reveal the answer to your question.

Who is your leader?

The Redbrands are led by a human wizard who goes by the name of Glasstaff. No one knows his real name. His quarters may be found at the western end of their hideout.

Why are you doing this?

A mysterious figure called the Black Spider has hired the Redbrands for this purpose and to repel any meddlers. They do not know what the goals of the Black Spider are, though they can tell you that the Spider has sent bugbears to serve as reinforcements.

Are there any special traps or creatures to be wary of?

Your prisoner mentions that the lower part of the complex is guarded by some ‘disgusting eye monster’.

Did you take any prisoners?

They mention that some captives are held near the old crypts, which are guarded by animated skeletons.

If you ask what the skeletons’ weaknesses are or how one might go about defeating, thwarting or even avoiding them, the ruffians reveal that the skeletons can be bypassed by speaking the word ‘Illefarn‘ or wearing a scarlet cloak.


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