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To get the most of these resources as a solo player, it may be worth checking out these articles before you get stuck in. You will find numerous articles that are designed to help you play D&D on your own.

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RPGNow is a great source of free adventures.

Some of the adventures are technically paid products, but they are ‘pay-what-you-want’ which means you can set your own price. This can be a great way to try out products for free before you commit to spending, but you are under no obligation to pay at all if you don’t wish to.

Note: The links in this section are affiliate links, which means if you decide to make a purchase, I will receive a small percentage of the sale. This does not increase the price you pay in any way.

Adventures in Filbar: Penchant for Adventure


This adventure centres around the small town of Penchant and begins with the new PC’s mentor sending them to a religious coronation that he cannot attend.

The PC is to travel, via burro, to the Bu-San Monastery and extend salutations to the new head of the order. In this case, the journey IS the adventure!

This adventure setting was designed for 5th Edition D&D for the Filbar Campaign for a 1st level solo adventurer and dungeon master.

This adventure is easily adaptable to most any game and system. Save yourself some time and utilize it for a one shot adventure!


DG1: Secrets in the Dark

150656DG1: Secrets in the Dark: A dungeon; a dragon (well, dragonish)… Away we go!!!

Fortune (or fate) has brought together a fugitive dragon cultist, and an alien creature which has been terrorizing the surrounding communities. It is time for heroes to emerge to set the situation right. A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Adventure for 1-6 first level characters.

If you enjoyed this adventure, be sure to check out DC1 Drow Necromancy also by Dan Hass Endeavours:

What drives some to leave the safety of their communities and start along the path of adventure?

Maybe it is something in their background that compels them; maybe it is the lure of treasure; maybe it is just a curious map.

Farjvad is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition adventure for 1-8 1st level characters. It is the first episode in the Drow Conspiracy

A Little Bit of Thievery

A Little Bit of ThieveryA Little Bit of Thievery is an unconventional freeform adventure for level 1 characters.

The players are contracted to steal a magic item at a noble’s fancy party, and are forced to abandon their weapons and rely on their wits to survive. Mayhem required and violence (mostly) optional.

Success might bring the ire of an elite with a panache for vengeance and money to burn.

Beats killing giant rats in the safety of a basement for a few silver pieces, right?

Although it is specifically written for the 5th edition’s basic rules, the adventure can be dropped into any rules system or campaign with minimal modification

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Never Ask Directions

Never Ask DirectionsWhen the party finds themselves lost and unable to locate their next adventure, this sidetrek introduces the halfling Carum Half-hand who is all too eager to point them in the right direction. And that direction follows an agenda of his own…

This short 12-page sidetrek is compatible with the 5th (and earlier “classic”) editions of Dungeons & Dragons. It is intended for a party of 5 characters (levels 2 – 4) and can be incorporated into any setting. Each encounter features a tactical map and the necessary stat blocks for all creatures involved, so no rulebook page-flipping.

A quick and easy plug-in piece for when the party has strayed too far from their initial quest, Never Ask Directions can fill in the “blank spaces” on your campaign map when the party goes right when they should have headed left.

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Perils of Doctrina

Perils of DoctrinaThe City of Doctrina is a mystery even unto itself. A plague of amnesia has turned value on its head as knowledge is now the coin of the realm. The heist of a lifetime lays at your feet, but rumors abound at what lies within the great library of Scientia Munitionem.

Some say a woman driven mad by obsession stands in your way and others fear an enemy so great that none have survived to tell the tale. Are you brave enough to find out?

This is a fantasy setting that pits your players against not only combat, but a series of themed traps. This game is designed for 4-6 players of level 3 to 4 in Pathfinder, D&D 3.5 or D&D 5th ed.

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The Burning Goblins

The Burning GoblinsThe Burning Goblins is ideal as a first adventure for new GMs and players, and is designed for a group of 4-5 level 1 characters. The most recent raid by The Burning Ones goblin tribe has left the village of Greendale in a state of uproar.

The miller’s daughter has been kidnapped and the mayor has put out a call for adventurers to hunt down the goblins and find the missing girl.

But is there more to these raids than meets the eye?

Why are the goblins burnt and timid?

Only a strong band of heroes will be able to find the answers and save the girl from a gruesome death.

This is an adventure made primarily for use with the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons but can be used for other rule systems with some tweaking.

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And the Rest…

There is a lot of free content available from this website and not enough space here to list all of it, so click here for a full list of completely free or pay-what-you-want adventures that you can download and play, courtesy of RPGNow.

Dungeon Masters Guild


Dungeon Masters Guild was opened in January 2016 to help dungeon masters share their creations with the world – and earn a little bit of money on the side.

Many publishers have made their content available for free, however, and as a result, there is a wealth of content for those looking for free adventures exclusively for Dungeons and Dragons 5e.

There is simply far too many free adventures to list and more are being added every month, so click on the image above to see the full list!

Enworld D&D Next Adventure Contest Entries

The folks at Enworld held a D&D Next Adventure contest back in February 2014.

Each contestant had to write a 7500 word adventure for the playtest rules for the current edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

The contest was judged by Sean K Reynolds, Keith Baker, and Kevin Kulp, who decided that ‘Mind Blast!’ was the worthy winner of this contest.

The other entries were no slouches either and the good news is that all 8 entries have been made available to the general D&D public to download and play to their hearts content.

Some adaptation may be necessary as these adventures have been designed with the playtest rules in mind. There are many differences between the playtest rules and the official 5e rules.

Note: This section contains no affiliate links.

The Dreaming Heralds

A wandering farm boy falls foul of an ancient trap and is plunged into a death-like sleep. The cure lies in a temple hidden in the green gloom of Merthington Woods, but to find it, the adventurers must brave a set of terrible traps laid by a forgotten sect of priests…

A D&D Next adventure by Michael Button for 1st level characters.

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The Golden Bones of Lightwatch Tower

“I remember not if the horror happened a’cause of the Harvest Moon, or if the golden light of that selfsame night awakens the old enchantments. Me gran-da mighta known, or his da before him – lost history..

Whatever the past, you stay away from the Cyanwood when the harvest moon comes near, and on pain ‘o
death, don’t even take a breath in the shadow of Lightwatch Tower any time of the year.”

-Deyb Mattockblade, Year of the First Circle

“Me da said something about not breathin’ in the shadows, but he didn’t say anything about exploring the place.”

-Last words of Randall Mattockblade, Ches, five days later, Year of the First Circle

An adventure for characters of levels 1-2.

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The Mad Manor of Astabar

You have few complaints this night as you rest in the common room of the Crooked Crow Inn. While winter has passed, the night air carries enough of a chill to make any hearth a welcome sight.

The village of Havehollow is typical for this part of the realm. Livelihoods made from farming and livestock with a few merchants and the Inn catering to travelers along the kingsroad. Good folk who know that hard work is what’s needed to make it through harsh times.

As you finish your meal you notice a fellow traveler, a rave haired woman, walk to the front of the common room with lyre in hand. She plucks a few practice cords then breaks into song.

Seasons come and go
Moons wax and wane
Time seems so slow
To the spirits of Havehollow…

This is an introductory adventure for 3-5 characters levels 1-3 but can easily be adjusted upward.

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Mind Blast!

At the roof of the world, an ancient order watches over a vault of enchanted memories. When raiders attack their sanctuary, an unexpected explosion sends the vault spiraling into meltdown. It’s up to the heroes to save the memories… if they can keep their heads!

A 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons adventure for 4th level characters. By Will Doyle, with illustrations by Stacey Allan.

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No Quarter

In the freezing cold of a tall and lonely mountain range, a small group of soldiers, out on patrol, are running for their lives. With the ways ahead and behind blocked, they have few options left. They choose the path where no-one goes…

For characters of levels 4-5.

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The Vile Darkness of VonGlauss Mansion

After the death of Victor VonGlauss, the mysteries behind his powers and horrible experiments begin to unravel. Can the players solve the riddles of VonGlauss Mansion and live to tell the tale?

A D&D Next Adventure for 3-5 players of levels 5-7.

By A.A. Amirault with designs and drawings by Marion Marchant.

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The Grand Illusionist’s Delusion

The Tome of Absence is a powerful spellbook of illusion magic. Many of the greatest illusionists throughout history possessed the tome, but most hid it someplace secret, died at the hands of a rival magician, or simply disappeared. The tome has a dark secret: it feeds on the spirit of its owner, using the magician’s own life to fuel his or her illusions, eventually killing its master and trapping his or her soul.

Urlach the Grand Illusionist is a rogue wizard who fancies himself the greatest illusionist of the current age. He has sought the Tome of Absence for more than a decade,believing that the tome will elevate him to becoming the greatest illusionist of all time. He tracked down the tome, claimed it for himself, and dove into the text, taking few precautions as he did.

By the time he learned of the Tome’s deadly secret, it was too late. Now, Urlach is frantically searching for a way to remove the tome’s curse before it kills him.

The Grand Illusionist’s Delusion is an adventure designed for a party of four 5th-8th level adventurers. The adventure was designed with 6th level characters in mind but it is still appropriate for characters of 7th or 8th level.

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The Halfling Horde

The adventure involves a nomadic horde of halflings coming into conflict with a town, Round River, newly founded in their sacred grounds.

It takes place in a recently settled region of hilly wilderness grassland connected back to civilization by a river. The river has been named, as it plays an important role in the backstory of the adventure, but the wilderness itself as well as the nearby civilization have not, to permit easier inclusion into a pre-existing campaign setting.

The Halfling Horde is a Dungeons & Dragons Next adventure for four to six characters of 7th through 9th level.

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