Dealing With the Group in Thundertree

1. Attack

If you decide to attack this group, you face six [cultists (page 56 of the adventure booklet)].

If you defeat them and search their bodies, you find [three diamonds worth 100gp each and a potion of flying].

2. Parley with the group

The ones standing guard take you to their leader who introduces himself as Favric. He and his group are here to treat with the dragon in Area 7.

Consider what you want to ask Favric, then open the conversations spoiler box below.


1. Why are you doing this?

Favric remains tight lipped regarding his reasons for dealing with the dragon, but perhaps if you are willing to work with him, he might be more willing to share some details with you.

2. Why do you need my help?

Following on from number 1, Favric says that he is confident that the dragon will listen to him, but should things go awry, he would rather have a capable sort backing him up – someone like you.

He doubts a fight would result, but if one did occur, you seem more capable of handling yourself in such a situation – or at least more capable of staging a retreat for the whole group, anyway.

3. Advise against this course of action

Favric claims that he has dealt with creatures like this in the past and the tribute they collected for the dragon should be enough to stay its wrath – at least for a while.

He knows what he’s doing, he says, and he wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t confident in his abilities to at least get the dragon to listen to what he has to say. Not everyone can hold their nerve in front of a dragon, after all.

4. We’re here to kill the dragon – or at least drive it away

Favric smiles and simply says that you are welcome to try. As capable as you seem, you would be foolish to take on such a creature. He advises talking to it instead. More productive that way, he says.

5. We want to speak with the dragon too

Favric says what a coincidence it is and suggests an allegiance.

Making a decision

Once you’ve heard enough, you should decide what to do in this situation. Once you’ve made your mind up, open the spoiler box, ‘Your Decision’ below.

Your Decision

1. I’ve heard enough. Time to die…

You face six [cultists (page 56 of the adventure booklet)].

2. Agree to help him out

Favric suggests meeting with the dragon right away. He resides in the tower on top of the hill. Go to Area 7.

3. Walk away from this

You may choose to have nothing to do with all this.

In this case, Favric understands completely and bids you farewell.

4. Consider the proposed alliance, but take Favric’s words with a pinch of salt

If Favric mentions that he wants to work with you, you have every right to be cautious and even suspicious.

If you don’t completely trust Favric and his motivations, make a Wisdom (Insight) check and then roll 1d20 + 2 and compare the results.

If your check is higher [you sense that Favric has ulterior motives in wanting to work with you. How you respond to this is entirely up to you. You could play along, demand he comes clean or beat it out of him].

5. Charm Favric

As with number 4, if you decide you don’t trust Favric, you could cast charm person on Favric and get him to come clean. He receives no bonus to his saving throws, but [he makes his saving throws with advantage].

If you succeed in charming Favric and getting him to reveal what is in his mind, go to number 4 above and highlight the text in the square brackets.

If you feel there is another spell that can achieve a similar result, feel free to try it out.